The Frare family runs the restaurant personally and is happy to have you taste      the ancient flavours of the typical home-cooking of Maremma. Tortelli maremmani (stuffed pasta dumplings with sauce), pappardelle al cinghiale (fresh pasta with wild boar sauce), acqua cotta (vegetable soup with tomato and egg), ribollita (thick vegetable soup with bread), cinghiale alla cacciatora (wild boar hunter?s style), grilled mixed meats and last but not least, the delicious home-baked cakes; these are some of the many dishes that are found on the menus of the characteristic restaurants facing the green landscape of the park.
Two ancient and spacious rooms can accommodate ceremonies  and business meetings 


The room called ?Carraia? has been recently restored. The central part, as the Italian name implies, was used for the storage of farm carts. On the outside of the hall there is a large terrace, surrounded by flowers and lawns; from here one can enjoy the view of the town of Scarlino with its imposing medieval castle.


The room called ?Fattoria? was an old stable known as the ?Bull stable?, because the massive and mighty animals used for the reproduction of the Maremma breed were kept here. The characteristic internal arches are still a witness of the use that was made of this room in old times.








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