?Fattoria Il Pino? is the typical old farm in Maremma. It is situated at the bottom of a hill where Scarlino, the medieval village was built. It is four kilometres away from the sea and the new tourist port of ?Etrusca Marina?, in the centre of the green Tuscan countryside of Maremma. The seaside and the hills in the vicinity, as well as a particularly good climate, make this place a pleasant and ideal holiday site in all seasons of the year.?Fattoria Il Pino? is an oasis of tranquillity and lies in an uncontaminated environment. Old mule trails that have been found in the Mediterranean woods nearby, are used for trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking. The beaches of the Tirreno Sea and the golf courses are the ideal for a relaxing holiday. Beautiful locations like the Natural Park of Maremma, Massa Marittima and the many Etruscan archaeological sites are close by and with a short excursion one can easily visit places of highly artistic and cultural interest.





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